Amazing Fujairah

Last Friday weekend is my second time in Fujairah, one of UAE’s seven emirates. I thought I had seen all of her the first time I came but there’s more to Fujairah than its scenic coastline. Indeed, there’s always a need for a second or third time to get to know a place better.

This time we drove to Fujairah via Kalba-Sharjah Road. Left Dubai at 5:30 just in time for this beautiful sunrise to greet us, a moment I rarely enjoy being the clinomaniac that I am. 16142820_10210169421583959_5364884519189995508_n

Stopped over at  Wadi Al Helo Tunnel (this is actually a part of Ras Al Khaimah but this leads you to Fujairah soooo, :D) for a quick breakfast with the crew and of course, for photo shoots, we rarely get into tunnels you know.


Here’s our mandatory family jump shot (guess who ate a lot here based on the jump height).


Finally, we arrived in  Khorfakkan, Fujairah. Went to their fish market for some fresh catch for lunch. Now, look at this awesome port view. Looks like it’s straight from a Hollywood movie, very clean and well maintained. 16265783_10210169427864116_3536319271553614344_n

Lunch at Fujairah Corniche. Awesome for weekend bonding – beach’s clean, there are a park and play are for the kids, perfect place to idle and take pictures 😀


Tummy’s fed so off we go to our last stop in Fujairah. But can’t help not to stop at this beautiful beach site with Snoopy Island just a few meters away. I tell you, this picture cannot justify the raw beauty of this beach. Just wow! And it’s free for you to walk and swim in, one of the major perks of living in the UAE, you can enjoy the site without paying for it.


Last stop, Friday Market in Masafi (yes, it’s where that sweet Masafi water is bottled). Fresh fruits everywhere, carpets and tea pots and camel meats and I got to enjoy a cob of sweet corn for AED5 which I normally buy for  AED10 in Dubai, see the difference?

All in all, I have a wonderful short trip in Fujairah. I’m pretty sure there’s more sights for me to see in this emirate but I believe I have the most attractive ones covered ;). I hoped to have stayed longer but ours is basically a road trip. So, yes, maybe next time.


Here’s a 2014 photo of me at one of her many forts, Al Hail Fort.



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