Heard of Wadi Adventure since 2012 as my husband was part of the audio team during its launching but only got the chance to visit yesterday.


Off with the husband, son and friends, we left Dubai past 10am and arrived in Al Ain past 12pm (you can get to Al Ain from Dubai in less than 2 hours but since it’s everybody’s first thus making us not-so-accurate-GPS-dependent plus the city’s too many roundabouts).

Wadi Adventure looked so quiet on the outside, considering it’s a Friday, a regular public/private holiday in the UAE. Upon entry, the counter’s not crowded,too. So then I thought maybe, Wadi’s not what I’ve seen on the pics and heard.  Their rate is so affordable though,  AED50 for adults and AED25 for children, which already includes park admission, access to low rope courses, surf pool beach, kid’s pool and  restos. Sweet! And should you be the adventure junkie, which I think what this park is really all about, then they have the AED195 adventure package which includes surfing, kayaking, white water rafting, wall climbing , giant swing and the zipline. Since we are not ready for the above mentioned activites, we opted for the general admission tickets. Now you think AED50 is already cheap, wait, there’s more! Since we are with each of our families, we were able to avail of their Family Package for AED100 (2 adults + 2 children). Plus 25% discount if you use an Emirates NBD credit card, now how’s that? Sweeter. They do check the stuff you’re bringing though. Warning, no outside food allowed! And we’re like, uggh, pockets get ready.

When we entered the park, lo and behold, we were amazed.


What greeted us was this beach-liked pool with the Jebel Hafeet mountains as its backdrop. Isn’t that cool, right in the middle of the desert, is this lovely waterpark.  It is not crowded but not for the wrong reasons. Beach chairs everywhere, free life-vests, and lockers for rent for those hesitant to leave their belongings outside (we were never hesitant, come on we are in the UA of E, where there might be some thefts but few reported, I am just so confident leaving things in this country). We immediately changed to our swimming attires and headed to the beach pool. It’s so wide, you’ve got plenty of space to swim, it’s child friendly though there’s a designated children’s pool but you’ve got lifeguards ready to whistle and keep you out of danger. Plus the main pool attraction – the man-made waves, though it doesn’t come one after another (I think it’s every two minutes and they’ve got timings) but boy, it sure is amazing. It makes you wait with  excitement for the next wave to rush. And every single time, we always end up laughing.

They have plenty of restaurants around. So when hunger strikes, we went to Surf Cafe. Earlier I must have said that I was expecting their food to be expensive like other water parks but I was mistaken. Their food are affordable and in big servings. They have combo meals, too, which what we have paid for.

Wandering around the park, we were able to witness the adventure junkies ziplining and kayaking that we decided to upgrade to adventure package. Unfortunately, there’s a schedule to follow, first come first serve, and 7 pm’s too late for us as we’re planning to go up Jebel Hafeet mountains. Which unfortunately did not go through as our time’s again consumed by the wave pool. We finished at around 6pm. But stayed until 7pm because the mountain air’s just so relaxing.

Over all, I and the others find our stay soooo worth it. I think AED50’s not enough to pay for the experience. But of course, may their rate remains the same so others can experience and enjoy like we did. We shall be back again, but we’ll surely avail next time, the adventure package.

For more info re Wadi Adventure, you can visit their website: http://www.wadiadventure.ae/


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