Page 1 of many..

Hooray! Finally got a blog site for my travel stories and aspirations (mainly) and sometimes, the by-product thoughts of my sudden burst of emotions. Got  a venue too, for the frustrated writer in me. Shukran, WordPress!

Now let’s go straight to the point of making this page.

I am just a wanderlust by nature. I love going to different places and meet different people (yup, despite people seeing me as anti-social though I find my self just selectively social, yes, cut the maaartes asap). I’d rather spend my money anywhere than the mall (because I tend to overspend on things that I don’t really need and eventually give or throw it away and by that I mean immediately out of my sight as I’ll get depressed by the thought of the hard-earned cash I spent them with).

Back when I was young (gees how 30 makes you sound old),  you’ll find me swimming in the river or the beach til I’m sun-baked and hands are wrinkled, sliding on the farmers’ irrigation and shorts tattered, up on the hill satisfying my thirst with young coconuts’ water and to wherever my restless feet brings me.  I like to travel and unravel. But I was not born rich (nor I am currently rich) thus I have to travel at my pocket’s pace.

I used to just  settle in reading travel books and gush over travel photos (still does) and dreamt of the days when I myself will be the subject of the photo and the story. Thankfully, life became a bit easy to handle. I got myself a job immediately after six gruelling-financially-and emotionally-burdened years in the University. It was a taste of heaven. My first job is in a call center where team buildings are productivity boosters thus a must.  I was able to go places. And it was then my travel book-like journey started. But it was not just my journey, but my sister’s and my best cousin’s and my then boyfriend turned husband’s too. They are the favorite people I want to travel with. Now my son, included. If a genie will grant me a wish, I’ll ask not for a magic travelling shoe but a magic travelling car, enough to fit us all. Of course, am gonna be the driver. I am always the trip organizer, the planner, the new place checker, the budget maker. I can pass as a tour guide, I bet, lol, I mean seriously.

Oops, forgot this is just page 1 and not a chapter. So shall post accordingly.


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